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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resist no more

I've mentioned in the previous 2 entries that I need to rest. It seems that I was resting. Indeed, I did. I thought of resting from blogging too. But, I did bloghop since I was so bored. Aliya said, its okay to blog as I don't need to do much work except typing. Listening to the doctor *wink* (excuse and excuse again), I'll continue blogging. I'll update my blog whenever I like and want to.

My little Sumeyyah is fine. The Ummi is not. After realizing there is something harden in the tummy right above the stitches, I am worried. It was numb before but it is painful now. Not that much though. I wonder what that is. I never noticed this in the 3 previous C-sec. Someone made a joke,

"perhaps something was left in your tummy while the doctor did the surgery"

Don't tell me it is for real. I asked a former nurse friend about it. She said, if that's the case, I would have felt the pain since the 1st day. Phewwww!!! relief.. Alhamdulillah.

Hubby asked me whether I wanted to see a doctor. Malas!!! It's about 25 minutes drive from my house. Anyway, I have to go to the hospital this Tuesday for Sumeyyah's BCG. I'll drop by and ask the doctor then. Hopefully nothing serious happen to me before that day. Insyaallah...

By the way, I've completed a few drugs the doctor asked me to take. I like pills but I hate when I kept forgetting to swallow them. Now that I've finished some of them, I'm less worry. Did I mention in a previous entry that I need to be injected Ferrosac? I didn't go to the hospital to complete the procedure. I leave it to Allah. Insyaallah, my Hemoglobin level will be back to normal without having to absorb that Ferrosac ;). Ameen..

My baby is sleeping. It's good that I take a long nap too hehehe..


Kak Elle said...

nak blogging tu bolih tapi rehat pun ye neeza...makoi banyak nya ubat makan habis tak?jgn ngelat ye...hahaha

::ADleez:: said...

jgn culas mkn ubat yer... nnt nak cpt chat..nnt ade exam.. nnt 5 hb ade bbq KRMJ..nnt nak cuti2 mesia plk..nnt..nnt..nnt..brp byk nnt da...

zany said...

sabar ye neeza, itulah ujian yang kita tempuhi hari-hari, pastinya berbezakan dari seorang ke seorang. akak pernah dengar jiran mengadu, sakitnya selepas buat caeserian. Bersalin normal sakitnya masa baby nak keluar.

Apa pun makan ubat dan lelax manyak2, jangan buat kerja berat.

meyya makin tomei agaknya.

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Elle,

neeza tak ngelat tapi kadang2 tu terlupa.. tapi ni dah completed some, legaaa... :))



banyak tu.. semua nak pergi ni.. takpelah masa tu dah sihat dah, Insyaallah...


Kak Zany,

beza sangat sakit dari 1 C-sec ke 1 C-Sec... Alhamdulillah dah lega sikit.. cuma 1 jenis sakit ni tak tahan betul...

tak buat kerja pun kak ;)

Tie said...

Eh...banyak juga ubat tu... kak tie dulu satu jenis je..mungkin kerana normal delivery kot..

Tak pe laa...jaga diri tu..jangan banyak sangat fikir..baby dah ok, ummi dia mestilah ok, kan...hi hi..

Ummi365 said...

take care neeza... this is the time to relax tau

silversarina said...

Memang boring kalau baring aje, baik blogging dapat jugak relaxan mknda sambil baca entries rakan-rakan. Ubat tu mesti makan sampai habis tau .

ummu asiah said...


tu la..tengok sempat lagi ziarah2 tu..ye la kan..nak keep updated..

well u can keep yourself updated dgn news in a story in ummuasiah's blog InsyaAllah..more news to come..

mlm ni ada candlelite vigl di MBPJ lagi..special appearance DSAI n MB S'ngor..

okay..rehat juga dan makan ubat mesti tau..

zino said...

kalau nak blogging tu boleh tapi dengan syarat jangan ngelat makan ubat hehe

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Tie,

ni lah first time neeza kena telan banyak ubat kak.. cumanya neeza tak kisah sebab pills.. kalau liquid, memang neeza buang je.. hehee..


Kak Ummi,

nak relax banyak pun bosan kak.. laptop dalam bilik.. exercise jari jemari je.. ;)


Kak Rina,

memang bosan pun ni.. tu yang blogging aje hehe..
nak habis dah ubat tu.. tunggu 1 minggu lagi kot..


Kak N...,

baca blog akak macam baca newspaper yang adil hehee.. tu kengkadang neeza tak bukak paper tapi bukak blog akak :)



tak ngelatnya.. cuma kalau terlupa aje.. ter tak pe kan heheh..

Chekgu BaniHassim said...

kalau dah blogger tegar tu, mmg laa gitu...kan???

tak kisah la kak, jgn smpai kadi kurang tido, kurang rehat dah ler...

hopefully sumeyyah's jaundice recover asap ye...
ke dah ok???

Neeza Shahril said...


tidur okay lagi so far..

Alhamdulillah.. jaundice Sumeyyah dah banyak improve..


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