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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's over

The term was over with the Hafazan exam yesterday. Alhamdulillah. We had to memorize 3 chosen surah that were decided by the Ustazah. Everyone did her good job and managed to memorize all of them. Of course, we actually had to memorize 13 or 14 surah altogether. But, during the exam, we only need to recite 3 - not our choice though :).

I am contented with everything that I've learned during this 3 months period. Some of them are:

  1. Arabic - this one is totally new to me. The language is classical arabic (Al Quran language). I can't simply use them in the street because many people here are using simple language (bahasa pasar cakap melayu).

  2. Tajweed - it is more affective when we learn the hukum and we apply it towards our quranic reading. I found that it is the easiest way to remember the hukum. Anyway, the hukum can be used throughout the Al Quran. Once we know how to apply them, we could recite the Quran without much difficulties. Insyaallah.

  3. Hafazan - Yeah... all of us or may be many of us did go for quranic reading when we were small. Our 'tok guru' always asked us to memorize suroh from Juz Amma. We did memorize many surah. But! We stopped somewhere. We didn't continue memorizing. Then, we forgot many of the surah. We??? I think I should change 'we' to 'I'. Now that I realized about it, I should start to recite the suroh persistently. Not once a year kinda thing okay Neeza..

  4. Feqah - I discover many / lots of new knowledge in here. Partly, it is due to a different teaching - Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia. One thing I like is, I've learned 'the prophet ways of doing things'. Insyaallah, if time allows, I'll share the knowledge with my fellow friends here.

Frankly, some of the lesson are not new to me. I did learn about them when I was in school, long time ago. Without refreshing, the ilmu is faded. I'll try to practise / use the knowledge that I've gained from the class. Insyaallah.

I'll be spending time with my kids at home. That relieves me a lot as many knows I have many some problems with my new helper. When I'm home, I could observe her better. After the one month contract is over, I'll hunt for a new one. Insyaallah. Please help me Ya Allah...

My new semester will start on 28th February 2009. That means, I would have about 3 weeks to rest. Sometimes I forget that I'm still in my confinement period hehehehh..


Kak Elle said...

what helper on 1 month contract only?how to learn?

hehe...so skg bolih relax no class..no exam..

l i e y n said...

hopefully u'll get a good helper...

kak neeza mmg dahsyat le, still pantang tp mcm tak pantang..
ganah aa mung!!!(kt kelas ramai sgt budok ganu cakak pekat!)

pB said...

kalau rajin , banyak ilmu yang kita boleh cari dan pelajari ...

elisataufik said...

ALhamdulillah... !

Chekgu BaniHassim said...

dah meningkat dewasa kdg2 baru kite nk blajar balik kan kak??
kdg2 bende2 yg dah lame tak amalkan akan lupe...tu yg susah tu..

elokla kak belajar balik, untung, leh jadi ustazah..
kalau tak ustazah pada org lain, pada anak sendiri pun ok laa... :)

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Elle,

rented maid memang sebulan je contract.. kalau nak sambung boleh la. tapi kalau cam ni gaya, tak nak neeza sambung ;)



thanks lieyn..
memang ganah pongggg!!! hehehe..


Kak pb,

betul tu kakok comey.. :)






erkk!!! tak layak langsung jadi ustazah chekgu..
setakat ajar anak2 akak sikit2 boleh la kot..

silversarina said...

Bagus dapat tambah ilmu di rantau orang , tulah orang kata jauh berjalan luas pandangan dan ilmu juga, selamat berehat and charge 'bsttery' untuk ke kelas semula.

as said...

tu diaa,senyummmm lebar orang tu yer exam dah habis!

nj said...

hati ni dah melambau-lambau nak tambah ilmu kat sana tu... bila baca experience neeza pasal kelas agama ni, seronok sangat...Alhamdulillah.

zany said...

lepas habis sesuatu tugas tu legakan, take care ye .

maza said...

If heart says keen wanna that things to be done, nothing become an obstacle.. Almost everything turn to be possible to grab, except the third hand involvement may interrupting the ever wanted outcome, i.e God willingness..

So the confinement period may have to consider as small matter for all of adversity that need to overcome toward jihad in yielding of virtuous knowledge.

May Allah bless you always….

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Rina,

hopefully dapat fully charged ni.. :)



best tau as ambik exam.. sebab tak pressure.. hehe..



Insyaallah.. tak lama lagi dah tu... sabar dan banyakkan doa supaya cepat sampai sini ya..


Kak Zany,

memang lega sangat.. nak tunggu tugas lain pulak ;)



comforting words.. indeed. thanks ya..


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