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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Panas di sini, panas lagi di sana...

Semalam Neeza dapat forwarded email dari Kak Siti Aisyah - kakak nurse melayu yang dah agak lama kerja di Saudi ni. Email tu datangnya dari GCE (Geophysical Consulting Environment) Saudi. Mereka predict 40 hari lagi suhu akan mencecah 70 Celcius di Saudi ni. Innalillah! Takut nak membayangkannya. Sekarang ni suhu normal pun dah 35 @ 36. Kalau 70, maknanya 2 kali ganda! Lindungilah kami Ya Allah...

Bila kenangkan suhu meningkat kita dah takut, apa lagi kepanasan di dalam neraka. Tak payah go to the extremenlah. Kepanasan di padang mahsyar dimana matahari hanyalah sejengkal dari kepala.. Mahu beribu-ribu atau berjuta-juta Celcius panasnya. Tahankah kita errr.. Neeza terutamanya? Of course, ia tak akan jadi panas kalau amalan baik kita banyak.

Kita juga tak akan dimasukkan ke neraka kalau banyak beribadah dan membuat kebajikan di dunia ini. Semoga Allah melindungi kita semua. Ameen...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

She'll be back soon

It was 3 days ago. I noticed 3 missed calls from bapak Karim (bibik's sponsor) but I was too lazy to return the calls. Malas sebenarnya nak cakap dengan dia sebab tak reti speak english sangat. Lagipun, biarlah dia call abang je. After some time, Rofeah called while I was out of the room. Malas jugak nak return call. When I was in the bathroom, Rofeah called again. Sophea answered. She insisted to speak to me. I was about to pray then. So, biar dulu lah. I told Sophea I will return her call.

She called again (I don't remember after how many times) and managed to speak to me. She told me that she is coming on Saturday (which is today). I looked at the date on my table clock. It was 23 of June 2010. We still have 7 days to July. I told her to wait till 1st July. She sounded frustrated. Actually, I started to feel comfortable not having her around. Having her may be ease my tasks a little but we have to pay BIG riyals.

I'm in dilemma. I asked Abang whether we should take her. He said, it's my call! I need her, I don't.. I need her, I don't.. Tough decision. Okay! Now, I decided to take her back. However, if her sponsor increase the price even SR100, we'll return her to the sponsor. Also, if she completed her contract with the sponsor, we won't take anymore helper. After all, I've decided to send Shahmey to school in September, InsyaALlah. So, I'll only have Sumeyyah to bring to the Da'wah Centre.

Frankly, I am quite nervous to have the bibik back. I can imagine those 'unsatisfactory' that I'll be facing soon.. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweat more for more Riyals..

Oh dear! It's almost a month that I left my blog. I guess by not having a helper had made my life busier. Yet, I still have time to sleep during the day.. hahahah!!!

Bibik has gone for 3 weeks already. By right, she should be back early of next month (as what being promised by her saudi sponsor). Should I be happy? I don't know. I will have more free time having her around. It'll be easy for me and husband to do grocery whenever we want to. We can leave the kids at home and complete our task faster. Whenever we go to friends' house, the kids are taken care of. I don't have to shout to anyone to get the house clean. Clothes are well ironed everyday.

However, that make me spoiled! I make the kids spoiled. By sitting around and let the helper do most of the housechores, I'm just putting on weight by eating but do almost nothing.

After 3 weeks without the bibik, the kids helped me with the housechores. Sophea and Coan tidy up the living room, hanged the clothes, washed the dishes sometimes and bathed the brother and sister sometimes. Sumeyyah has been quite close to her Abah. Before this, she never care for Abah. Now, she seems to be so excited when Abah came back from work. She even sit on Abah's lap when Abah prayed ;). Shahmey did show some tolerance towards Meyyah. Alhamdulillah, things improved a lot.

That makes me quite reluctant to have the bibik back. Furthermore, I never like the way she folded clothes. The kids' closet was messy. She was quick in doing housechores but things were not nicely kept. Whenever I folded the clothes, I was thinking that I never want to have my clothes improperly folded again. I want to see my kids closet nice and properly arranged, in which she failed to do. Beside, by not having her, we can save too. 2 grand is quite a money huh!

Decision has to be made. I guess, I just let time decide. If the saudi sponsor contact us, then we'll take her. Otherwise we'll just keep quiet. But, what I gonna do with her clothes??


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