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Saturday, June 26, 2010

She'll be back soon

It was 3 days ago. I noticed 3 missed calls from bapak Karim (bibik's sponsor) but I was too lazy to return the calls. Malas sebenarnya nak cakap dengan dia sebab tak reti speak english sangat. Lagipun, biarlah dia call abang je. After some time, Rofeah called while I was out of the room. Malas jugak nak return call. When I was in the bathroom, Rofeah called again. Sophea answered. She insisted to speak to me. I was about to pray then. So, biar dulu lah. I told Sophea I will return her call.

She called again (I don't remember after how many times) and managed to speak to me. She told me that she is coming on Saturday (which is today). I looked at the date on my table clock. It was 23 of June 2010. We still have 7 days to July. I told her to wait till 1st July. She sounded frustrated. Actually, I started to feel comfortable not having her around. Having her may be ease my tasks a little but we have to pay BIG riyals.

I'm in dilemma. I asked Abang whether we should take her. He said, it's my call! I need her, I don't.. I need her, I don't.. Tough decision. Okay! Now, I decided to take her back. However, if her sponsor increase the price even SR100, we'll return her to the sponsor. Also, if she completed her contract with the sponsor, we won't take anymore helper. After all, I've decided to send Shahmey to school in September, InsyaALlah. So, I'll only have Sumeyyah to bring to the Da'wah Centre.

Frankly, I am quite nervous to have the bibik back. I can imagine those 'unsatisfactory' that I'll be facing soon.. *sigh*


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kalau kita jenis yang buat kerja sepenuh hati, mmg susah nak puaskan hati sendiri, kak neeza.

sabar..sabar...siapa tau dia dah berubah?

Kujie said...

salam neeza

kerap kak jie baca dilema nak terima atau tidak bab bibik ni, bukan senang utk mengambil risiko mcm ni..harap2 apa keputusan yg neeza but, sehabis baik utk semua pihak

Pootz in Boots said...

If you are a full time housewife, just make do without the bibik, Neeza. If you need to go out, just bring the kids with you or find a trustworthy baby sitter. If we handle the household ourselves, insya Allah, any small "non-compliances" is excused. Good Luck!!

nj said...

norma pun tak ambik dah pembantu ni. Kalau ada pun nak ambil yg weekend je...settle gosok baju dan cuci dapur dan tandas...aci tak?? (sbb malas nak buat kerja2 tu)hehehe

en_me said...

konpius kanns.. uhuhu

l i e y n said...

if u can handle all the chores with some help from others, i don't think having a bibik is ur priority now..buat apa kalau ada bibik tapi keje dia kita tak puas hati! anak2 pun dah makin besar..ke ada plan nak tambah lagi???


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