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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sepatah dua kata

Ever heard of this especially when someone is requested to give a speech. Sepatah dua kata may become seribu dua ribu patah kata hahahah!!!

I plan to write only 'sepatah dua kata' but I think, I'm gonna write much much more than that. What makes me having a heart to write in this almost forgotten blog? Perhaps, I've a little more free time in this middle of the night whereby my kids are all in bed. Perhaps, I'm a bit feeling no where to turn to when I have this little feeling in my heart. My own blog is the best to express anything I have inside.

Some friends have made their blogs private! That's their choice. I have to respect them. My blog most probably won't get privatized. If I need a private blog, I'll create a new one. But again, nothing is so private about me. If it's really private, then I just keep it in my heart. Only God knows about it ;).

At this hour, I kinda miss someone. Someone who was really closed to me at one point of time in my life. Someone who used to cuddle me when I cried for getting mosquito bites at night. Someone who always looked into my eyes with love. Someone who listened to me when I had a tough time. Someone who knows my favorite food and cooked for me when I asked for it. Someone who always put me into account in her important decisions... The someone is not here with me and I really miss her.

There are times whereby we need a unique someone to come and be with us. At this moment, I really need her. I just want her to listen to me like she always did. I want to listen to her useful advices. The way she talked to me was spontaneous, without pressure. I remember every single word of her up till today. Thank you Allah for giving me those special moments...


nj said...

InsyaAllah, ada rezeki boleh balik Malaysia jumpa Ma Neeza :-)

Ibu Sayang said...

Salam Neeza,


MULAN said...

sabar neeza...

maza said...

Who's comb your hair? Your mother... lalalala.. (sing the song) huhuu


Rasyidah Abd. Aziz said...

bestnya kak neeza dah start blogging balik

Anonymous said...

Salam Neeza, salam tahun baru dari Kak Tie.. :)

Neeza Shahril said...


InsyaAllah.. tapi orang yang Neeza maksudkan dalam entry ni dah takde lagi Norma... :(



nah tissue Ibu... ;)



thanks dear... :)



neeza kena tukar lagu tu... my grandmother...



akak tenggelam timbul je.. :D


Kak Tie,

salam tahun baru kak... :)


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