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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sepatah dua kata

Ever heard of this especially when someone is requested to give a speech. Sepatah dua kata may become seribu dua ribu patah kata hahahah!!!

I plan to write only 'sepatah dua kata' but I think, I'm gonna write much much more than that. What makes me having a heart to write in this almost forgotten blog? Perhaps, I've a little more free time in this middle of the night whereby my kids are all in bed. Perhaps, I'm a bit feeling no where to turn to when I have this little feeling in my heart. My own blog is the best to express anything I have inside.

Some friends have made their blogs private! That's their choice. I have to respect them. My blog most probably won't get privatized. If I need a private blog, I'll create a new one. But again, nothing is so private about me. If it's really private, then I just keep it in my heart. Only God knows about it ;).

At this hour, I kinda miss someone. Someone who was really closed to me at one point of time in my life. Someone who used to cuddle me when I cried for getting mosquito bites at night. Someone who always looked into my eyes with love. Someone who listened to me when I had a tough time. Someone who knows my favorite food and cooked for me when I asked for it. Someone who always put me into account in her important decisions... The someone is not here with me and I really miss her.

There are times whereby we need a unique someone to come and be with us. At this moment, I really need her. I just want her to listen to me like she always did. I want to listen to her useful advices. The way she talked to me was spontaneous, without pressure. I remember every single word of her up till today. Thank you Allah for giving me those special moments...


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