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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I adore your spirit..

I have a new friend. She's a S@udi lady whom I met in the bus. She also studied in the Jalyat (Dakwah Centre). The different is, she enrols in English class while I'm in arabic class. While I'm struggling myself to learn arabic, she is struggling herself to learn English.

However, her spirit and interest to learn English is much much higher than mine. She did many things to ensure she could grasp as much English words as possible. She purposely phoned me to talk to me in English. In this case, I feel sorry for her because I'm not that free to talk through the phone. My kids are all around. So, it's kind of hard for me to concentrate on the conversation with her. Yet, considering her kindness, I tried to accommodate her needs. Alhamdulillah, it went well so far.

She invited me and my friends to her house only after 1 day we met. MasyaAllah! Ops! It was not her house. It was her friend's house, whom I also knew. They are 3 of them. All of them have this spirits. Everyday, the 3 of them went to my class, just to speak English with us. MasyaAllah Tabarakallah.. I pray to Allah, one day.. all of them could speak English fluently. Ameen..


Anonymous said...

Kak tie tak pandai kecek English. Entahlah... dulu masa kerja boleh pulak, mungkin sebab semuanya bangsa lain, jadi tak kekok.

Baguslah Neeza, semoga semangat tingginya akan terjangkit kat kita, hehe...

maza said...

maza hanya fasih bahasa melayu.. heheheh.. tu pun hampir kantol masa SPM.. ahaks..

bab bahasa memang maza lemah sikit, tapi bab mengarut ahaks.. entahlah.. heheheh

I believe, at least by my own state opinion, there have a day that so call silly day.. which is the day that I unable even to recall a simple English vocab.. hahahaha...

aNIe said...

Neeza... itulah yang dinamakan hendak seribu daya kan ?

MULAN said...

bagus sungguh semangat kawan neeza tu.. ini lady gagah hangat2 ta*i ayam je.. hehee...

elisataufik said...

then you should ask for the opportunity to practice your arabic with her! :D

Neeza Shahril said...

Kak Tie,

semangatnya tak berjangkit kak Tie.. tapi InsyaAllah slowly minat nak belajar tu ada..



ala biasa la tu maza.. bahasa orang susah sikit kan nak belajar sebab tak biasa.. bahasa melayu pun kita tak mahir jugak kan kan.. hehe..


Kak Anie,

betul kak.. tak hendah seribu dalih hehee..



takpe hangat2 tahi ayam.. slow2 dapat jugak kan.. ;)



definitely!! when she's learning english, I learn arabic. Mutual benefit :)


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