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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kembali ke tanah berpasir ;)

Hidangan ikan besar yang marvelous!

Dah hampir 4 bulan blog ni tak berupdate. Satu jangkamasa yang sangat panjang untuk seorang blogger tegar. But, myself is not that tegar anymore. I love to write but sometimes I have to think hundred times before putting thoughts into words. My blog is public. Any tom, dick or harry can read them. There are times we tried not to bother what others would say after reading our written thoughts. HOWEVER, we do mind when our writing is misinterprated. From a person to another, people talk about it without confirming the truth in it. So, that is why it took me so long before even think of writing a word.

While we're on vacation (quite a long one) in Malaysia, my kids and I had a very good time manja-manja with my mom. Of course! Makan masakan ma almost everyday is a bliss. Lagi seronok when my kids were free to play with malaysian friends around my mom's neighborhood. Alhamdulillah. Everything went well except for the part that we did miss our significant other in a faraway land. It's not easy handling kids who talked about their Abah almost every hour. Bukannya dekat nak call selalu. Alhamdulillah, Abah tak lupa untuk call bertanya khabar hampir setiap hari. Memang lah tinggi billnya tapi itulah it takes when we're apart.

Sophea, Sobhan and Shahmey are now in the same school. ALhamdulillah. Senang sikit Ummi. Semua pergi sekolah naik 1 bas. Balik pun 1 bas except bila kakak-kakak ada after school activities (ASA). Tapi kesian kakak-kakak. Everytime balik sekolah, penat nak kejut Shahmey yang selalu tido dalam bas. He is not used to be at school that long. Dulu sekolah khaireyah, dia balik at 11am. Bila balik 3pm, he looks really tired. Hopefully he'll adjust himself to the long hours. Jenuh jugak kalau both kakak ada ASA simultaneously. Jawabnya Ms Aliley lah kena kejut Shahmey hehe..

While my class has not started yet, I'm enjoying myself lepak kat rumah dengan Sumeyyah. Pagi-pagi kemas rumah, basuh kain then layan internet heheh.. Seronok bila tengok rumah kemas. Kalau sibuk dengan kelas, tak berapa sempat nak kemas rumah. Oh well, there's no such things as a free lunch. If we want something, we have to let go something else.


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