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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jerry, you stink!

Since a few days I smell something that I never wanna smell. I told Abang about my suspicion. He asked me to check myself. Oh well! I don't think so. I would vomit for the whole day if I am to find something that I have expected. A dead jerry!
This morning, Abang told me he smell a dead jerry. Again, I asked him to check. Still he asked me to do it. Then, I went out to buy breakfast and send Coan to school. When I arrived home, I saw Abang came out from the room downstairs. Abang did it!! Wahooooo!!! Alhamdulillah..
True enough, he found a dead jerry / mickey / mouse / rat or whatever you wanna call it, in one of the boxes. Abang has thrown the box away and cleaned the floor. Selamat.. tak payah Ummi buat ;)

I sprayed the room with Calvin Klein CK One. Takpe.. habis sebotol CK One pun Neeza sanggup.. daripada bau yang eeeuuwwwww tu...


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

takpelah kak..terperangkap agaknya itu yg mati kat siti.

dead jerry meninggalkan bau. manusia pon kalau mati tepi jalan tak pungut2 bau juga.

ada org hidup lagi dah macam2 bau:P

zino said...

mati kenyang kot hehe

Neeza Shahril said...

Salam Sha,

hahaha!! cerita pasal bau orang hidup lagi pening kepala dan nak muntah kan Sha.. hehee..


Salam Zino,

hehee.. kenyang makan racun.. :D

KakNi said...

nasib baik jumpa, kalau tak jumpa?... kuang kuang kuang....


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